Accelerated Target Discovery & Development

Caerus Discovery uses a subtractive immunization platform to drive rapid discovery of new targets and antibodies that bind these. The platform was developed to contrast two conditions, typically healthy and diseased, and to identify new targets for therapeutic development. A key enabling technology is our Immune Synapse, which replaces conventional adjuvants and produces dramatic immune responses at ultra low antigen doses, as well as with non-proteinaceous antigens.

About Us

Caerus Discovery was founded in 2010, with support from two corporate partners. Our mission is to identify and develop new therapeutic targets for treatment of human diseases, including infectious, inflammatory, metabolic, neurological and malignant diseases. Caerus has strong alliances with national and international partners in the therapeutic antibody space.

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Immune Synapse

The Immune Synapse is a potent immunization and vaccination platform, created from an injectable mixture of physical scaffolds and soluble cellular cues [Patent Pending]. It was designed to emulate lymphoid tissue and produces very powerful immune responses, with a range of antigen types, superior to those achieved with conventional adjuvants.

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Partner Opportunities

Caerus is actively seeking partners and investors to discover and co-develop new therapeutic targets, using our powerful platform technologies. Please contact us for more information about investment and co-development opportunities.

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